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WHITE LIGHT - same, USA 1976 (SHADOKS 174)
LP 500 numbered / heavy sleeve / 180 gram pressing / 2 page insert
White Light was a progressive-rock group originally from New Orleans, then later from Austin, Texas, USA, where the group once recorded with Sonobeat Records (Mariani, Wildfire). White Light was comprised of Mike Hobren on guitars and vocals, Rob Haeuser on bass and synthesizers, and Rusty Haeuser on percussion and flute.
On White Light's self-titled album, fans of Progressive Rock will be treated to a real romp of experimental music that utilizes a host of instrumentation and special effects. The group's music is powerfully expressed on the track Pacemaker (sample track). Mike Hobren employed a diverse range of styles and techniques on the guitar, including the use of a cello bow on the introduction to the track Stargazer. Rob Haeuser's bass grounded the music perfectly, and his synthesizer work was, at times, haunting. Rusty Haeuser provided well-rounded percussion to inject a powerful rhythm line into the music. White Light was heavily influenced by progressive groups like YES, Pink Floyd and Weather Report, to name a few.

White Light is highly recommended for lovers of Progressive Rock with roots in the mid-'70s...but with a fresh twist that is uniquely their own!

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WRITING ON THE WALL - The Rockfield Sessions, UK 1973 (SHADOKS 179)
LP 500 numbered / heavy velvet sleeve / 180 gram pressing / 2 page insert
"Writing on the Wall" were a Scottish psychedelic/progressive rock band from 1967 until 1973. Continually on the road for six years- everything from radio, TV, British & European tours, recording and of course Brazil. One of the very few bands to have held two residencies at the famous Marquee Club in London.
The band issued but one official studio album, the 1969 release 'The Power of the Picts'. Like many evolving groups caught in the midst of rapid musical evolution in the late sixties, WRITING ON THE WALL retained much of the blues influence of the music they came of age with by mixing heavy and sometimes uneven blend of psych, blues with idealistic and often abstract lyrics to form a distinctly late sixties sound reminiscent of groups like BLUES IMAGE, CACTUS, and BABE RUTH. Writing's music tended toward a more somber tone than most of their peers, and the band further distinguished themselves by relocating to England to make somewhat of an impression on the British scene of that day. The band recorded for DJ John Peel in late 1968, and released their sole album on Brian Waldman's fledging Middle Earth label. Waldman also served as the band's manager, and secured them gigs in his club, also named Middle Earth.
"The Rockfield Session" where recorded in 1973 with a new guitarist/singer and saxophone player. Jimmy Hush, the roiginal WOTW drummer, located a few years ago the master tapes and mixed them for the first time. So here we have a complete unreleased studio album.

Great, great music of cause!

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HURDY GURDY - same, Denmark 1970/72 (SHADOKS 180)
LP+SINGLE 500 numbered / heavy gatefold sleeve / A2 poster / 4 page insert / printed inner sleeve / 180 gram pressing / 7 " single with cover
Hurdy Gurdy emerged from the Danish group Peter Belli and the Boom Boom Brothers (aka The B.B. Brothers) in June 1967, when three members of the B.B. Brothers, guitarist Claus Bøhling, drummer Jens Otzen and British vocalist and bassist Mac MacLeod formed the power trio HUrdy Gurdy. Inspired by Cream but with more psychedelic leanings, they split from Peter Belli and MacLeod named the band 'Hurdy Gurdy'. Amazing guitar work all over the record from Claus Bøhling, who later was a member of Danish band Secret Oyster. Claus also designed all the artwork for the single cover and rare poster, plus many unseen paintings on the printed inner sleeve and insert of this reissue. Plus many unseen photos in b/w and color plus extensive liner notes will complete this album.

The single itself on famous Spectator Records is harder to get than the CBS album.
What the band "Charlies" was for Finland, "Hurdy Gurdy" was for Denmark. Extra heavy guitar psychedelic with great drums and bass and extra cool vocals, on the same musical level as British Cream, sometimes even better! We love this album - solid underground all the way!

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