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THE FLOW - Greatest Hits, USA 1972 (Shadoks 003) "collectors edition"
180 numbered copies, black-lizard texture cover with artwork, printed inner-sleeve with original artwork, transparent blue vinyl pressing, 2 page insert / photo card hand signed by 3 members, A2 poster, 3 bonus tracks included. 
Pete Fine on guitars/vocals, Monte Farber on bass/vocals, Steve Starer on drums. 
What a great guitar album.

This is a total guitar burner. If you´re into Blue Cheer and extra heavy Fuzz guitar is your thing, you´ll love this album. Great songs, a mindblower. only a few originals ever for sale, most where 1-sided. This is the ultra rare 2 sided version with 3 bonus tracks.

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SESSION - Unikuva, Finland 1974 (SHADOKS 165)
LP 500 numbered / heavy sleeve / 180 gram pressing / 2 page insert / A2 poster
Session was a Finnish rock band founded in 1970. They played typical experimental rock common in the 70s, but they added their own touch of creativity in the music and while the majority of the lyrics were in Finnish, it stands out compared to most progressive rock bands. Their most active time period was between 1972 - 1974 when they released two 7" singles and one album, which are rare and highly sought after collector items. Recorded also for EMI as "Elonkorjuu", but Session is rarer and as good or even better.
When "Charlies" is the Finnish equivalent of the "Cream", "Session" might work in the same musical style as bands such as "IF" and other prog bands on the Vertigo label. A strong progressive rock album with loud guitar solos, organ, electric piano, horns and most significant, a fiercely driving bass.

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CULPEPER'S ORCHARD - Same, Denmark 1971 (SHADOKS 166)
LP 500 numbered / heavy gatefold sleeve / 180 gram pressing /4 page insert / A2 poster
Here we have possibly the best Danish underground album from Denmark recorded in 1971. We just love every second of this album and we are happy to re-release it for the first time legit on LP. The LP version includes a rare poster, unseen photos by Jørgen Angel and extensive liner notes written by our friend Claus Rasmussen based on interviews with Cy Nicklin (lead vocals & guitars), Michael Friis (bass, organ, piano, flute) and others.
The band was inspired by Westcoast bands such as The Byrds, and Crosby, Sills Nash & Young. The powerful music might be compared to Jethro Tull, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. A superb combination of heavy progressive and folk stylings, the album also has its very own identity and haunting songs.. They have played many great concerts and festivals and became one of the most Danish popular bands.
Julian Cope wrote: Replete with extremely catchy songs, fiery Dervish-like guitar solos, confidently self-referential lyrics from a Wino Weinrichian poet/guitarist, all the while the entire ensemble spewing euphoric vocal harmonies over intricate and furiously hard-edged arrangements, this Album of the Month owes its artistic success not to any great dream of originality, but to the wild spirits of each of its performers and especially that of its primary writer – one Cy Nicklin – and his clear desire to contribute highly accessible Hippie Dream music that sat well alongside such million-selling contemporary heroes as The Moody Blues, Crosby, Tween, Nash & Young, Led Zeppelin, Traffic and The Who.

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YURY MOROZOV - Cherry Garden Of Jimi Hendrix, Russia 1973 (SHADOKS 167)
LP 500 numbered / heavy sleeve / 180 gram pressing / 2 page insert
This time we are really proud to release an album from Russia 1973. It might be the first time ever that a western label is releasing an underground album from former USSR. Yury Morozov sadly passed away a few years ago but with the help of good friends we could work out a release with his widow Nina for this amazing album from 1973 called the "cherry garden of Jimi Hendrix". When Yury was asked in an interview of how many albums he did record, the answer was 14,7 kilo (tapes)! There are 45 albums by Yury and hopefully they will come out in Russia as a CD Box and we could release more. Cherry Garden is an amazing album full of effects, great songs, tons of fuzz guitar, sometimes dark and heavy, sometimes light an funny with the atmosphere of a Tarkowski movie such as "Stalker" and "Solaris". Yury plays most instruments, his gear and effects where built by himself. Later on Yury recorded in London at Abbey Road studios and became friend with many famous British musicians. Yury Morozov is an enigma of Soviet underground music. In 1973 his music was only available as tapes exchanging hands among fans since he did not match the political and musical Soviet guidelines. Cherry Garden is a surreal underground rock album which stands out for International psych standards.

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ERNAN ROCH - La Onda Pesada, Mexico 1971 (SHADOKS 141)
CD: in jewelcase - 12 page booklet - 4 bonus tracks -
Almost nothing was known about this mysterious record until our friend Enrique Rivas managed to make contact with Ernan Roch, very much like he did with "Kaleidoscope". Ernan Roch's album was recorded in Mexico in 1970 together with the band "El Amor" who recorded 3 albums for Capitol Records. His outstanding song "The Train" has a similar vibe than "Damon - song of the gypsy", with great fuzz guitar all over. Ernan sings all songs in English which is not very common for bands from Mexico. For the first time the official release of the album Ernan Roch with great liner notes and photos. This album is one of the best releases from Mexico. We just love it and it is sooo cool!

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CHARLIES - Musiikkia Elokuvasta Julisteiden Liimaajat, Finland 1970 (SHADOKS 163)
CD: in jewelcase - 20 page booklet - 6 bonus tracks -
One of the most influential bands from Finland are CHARLIES. They have recorded their second album "Buttocks" in 1970 and that same year this first album. We have included 4 bonus tracks including their rare single from 1969. The album was recorded for an underground-movie under the same title. Charlies had full artistic freedom to create psychedelic songs and effects and their song "Sunshine Supergirl" is a good example for this amazing Underground band full of great guitar riffs by Eero Ravi. The original LP was pressed only a few hundred times and is a very rare collectors items today. What a great band and what a great guitar player. Dave Lindholm wrote: CHARLIES was the first big Finnish rock band for me. They played loud & rough. They looked like men, not popstars. They played the music I love. Could i ask for more? Well, i didn't!

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BRIGADE - Last Laugh, USA 1970 (Shadoks 011) "collectors edition"
220 numbered copies, blue-lizard texture cover with artwork, printed inner-sleeve with original artwork, transparent purple vinyl pressing, 4 page insert, photo card hand signed by 2 members. 
One of the best albums from USA. 
price Euro 55,00 including worldwide postage
Originally released in 1970 on Band 'n Vocal. This is one of our all-time favorite album when it comes to Underground & Psychedelic music. Full of dynamic and strong fuzz guitar solos, driving drums and amazing vocals. With many unknown photos, band story, signed photo card, purple vinyl, texture sleeve, printed inner sleeve. Originals are impossible to find because only 100 copies were made at the time and some even had the wrong LPs in. First reissued on Shadoks Music 15 years ago, now available on LP as a collectors edition.
Listen to the song "Self Made God" to get an idea. Really great song, really great album

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