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ERNAN ROCH - La Onda Pesada, Mexico 1971 (SHADOKS 141)
LP 500 numbered / heavy sleeve / 180 gram pressing / 4 page insert
Almost nothing was known about this mysterious record until our friend Enrique Rivas managed to make contact with Ernan Roch, very much like he did with "Kaleidoscope". Ernan Roch's album was recorded in Mexico in 1970 together with the band "El Amor" who recorded 3 albums for Capitol Records. His outstanding song "The Train" has a similar vibe than "Damon - song of the gypsy", with great fuzz guitar all over. Ernan sings all songs in English which is not very common for bands from Mexico. For the first time the official release of the album Ernan Roch with great liner notes and photos. This album is one of the best releases from Mexico. We just love it and it is sooo cool!

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CHARLIES - Musiikkia Elokuvasta Julisteiden Liimaajat,
Finland 1970 (SHADOKS 163)
LP 500 numbered / heavy sleeve / printed inner sleeve / 180 gram pressing / 4 page insert
One of the most influential bands from Finland are CHARLIES. They have recorded their second album "Buttocks" in 1970 and that same year this first album. We have included 4 bonus tracks including their rare single from 1969. The album was recorded for an underground-movie under the same title. Charlies had full artistic freedom to create psychedelic songs and effects and their song "Sunshine Supergirl" is a good example for this amazing Underground band full of great guitar riffs by Eero Ravi.
The original LP was pressed only a few hundred times and is a very rare collectors items today.
What a great band and what a great guitar player.
Dave Lindholm wrote: CHARLIES was the first big Finnish rock band for me. They played loud & rough. They looked like men, not popstars. They played the music I love. Could i ask for more? Well, i didn't!
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Eero Ravi, guitarist of CHARLIES

LP + single

YOUNG FLOWERS - Blomsterpistolen, Denmark 1968 (SHADOKS 164)
LP + 7 inch single 500 numbered / heavy sleeve / printed inner sleeve / 180 gram pressing / 4 page insert
In the early seventies Denmark was home to a wealth of progressive bands whose releases are now highly collectible and appreciated by music enthusiasts for their original Scandinavian sound. A little earlier in 1967 when rock music changed for good with the appearance of psychedelic rock and powerful blues trios like Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience, it did not take long for Danish musicians to adopt the trio form and develop their own unique progressive sound. The most influential and long-lasting of these early Danish groups was the power-trio Young Flowers (1967-1970) from Copenhagen. They have recorded their single in 1967 and the first album "Blomsterpistolen" (flower-pistols) in 1968. Their second album "No.2" from 1969 will be also released on Shadoks later this year. "Blomsterpistolen" is perhaps the most important album from Denmark, full of fuzz guitar, great vocals and tight underground songs. It beats UK albums such as July, Open Mind and Andwellas Dream. For the first time an legit LP reissue.
The band is playing live again and we hope, one day, also outside of Denmark

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LAZARUS - Same, Austria 1973 (SHADOKS 162)
CD: in jewelcase - 12 page booklet
Lazarus was founded by Peter Glatzl at the end of 1970 and they have played many gigs in Austria with various lineups until 1976. This amazing albums was recorded in Vienna 1973 in professional studio for Rex Records. Only 15 sample copies where pressed and only 5 copies ended up with the band members. Rex where known for releases of German folk music and Schlager. So they did know what to do with this far-out recording and did not release it.
Among collectors Lazarus was a big mystery since nobody ever found a copy for the past 25 years. One day Hans Pokora located an original LP and the band as well so we where able to work out a deal. We where amazed but the great music and the professional compositions and recording. The story of Lazarus is been told as a psychedelic opera who emerges as a monster from his grave to spread terror and horror.
All English vocals, amazing fuzz guitar all over, Zappa style arrangements, great vocals, tons of effects and tight drum sounds. Do not expect a naive Krautrock style, this is pure Underground with a good dose of psychedelia.

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TERJE, JESPER & JOACHIM - same, DK 1970 (Shadoks 092) "collectors edition"
of 190 numbered copies (out now)
white lizard texture cover with artwork
printed innersleeve with original artwork
transparent white vinyl pressing, insert
photo-card hand-signed by all 3 members
price Euro 55,00 including worldwide postage