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NOSTRADAMUS - Aquarium, Austria 1971/73 (SHADOKS 171)
LP 500 numbered / heavy sleeve / 180 gram pressing / 2 page insert
At the end of the sixties, Vienna, Austria's capital, was a special place to live and to grow up. 
While young people in England and the USA had been nurturing their „love & peace" movement for a few years already, Vienna was stuck in the past. The youth in particular suffered under heavy conservatism during those years. But it could not prevent three high school buddies from forming a band that became the seed of „Nostradamus“.

They focused mainly on its own music but of course there were lots of influences by bands such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Cream, The Who, The Free and later The Flock, Gentle Giant and King Crimson. 
Recordings were made at the Mueller and Bronner studios and Nostradamus received airplay and attention at the main radio stations. In the early 70's their producer turned down the offer to release the album on a German label, so here we have for the first time on LP the amazing album by Nostradamus. With Mario Bottazzi and Hansi Lang on vocals, Rudy Kronfuss on guitars, Helmut Wind on bass, Hans Kalenda on drums, Heribert Wagner on violin plus others. This recording became a lost gem, full of Underground vibes and very well produced. Beside Lazarus and Novaks Kapelle this is one of the best Austrian albums.

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YOUNG FLOWERS - No. 2, Denmark 1969 (SHADOKS 172)
LP 500 numbered / heavy gatefold SILVER sleeve / A2 poster / 4 page insert / printed inner sleeve / 180 gram pressing
In the early seventies Denmark was home to a wealth of progressive bands whose releases are now highly collectible and appreciated by music enthusiasts for their original Scandinavian sound. A little earlier in 1967 when rock music changed for good with the appearance of psychedelic rock and powerful blues trios like Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience, it did not take long for Danish musicians to adopt the trio form and develop their own unique progressive sound. The most influential and long-lasting of these early Danish groups was the power-trio Young Flowers (1967-1970) from Copenhagen. They have recorded their single in 1967 and the first album "Blomsterpistolen" (flower-pistols) in 1968.

This is their second amazing album "No.2" from 1969 one of the most important albums from Denmark, full of fuzz guitar, great vocals and tight underground songs.
Comes as the original in a heavy gatefold SILVER cover, which was the most expensive cover we have ever produced, plus rare poster photographed by Jan Persson, printed innersleeve and 4 page insert.
The band is on tour right now playing lots of concerts in the original line-up.

After the first album "Blomsterpistolen" No.2 might be the most sought after Danish underground album

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CHARLIES - Jail Sessions, Finland 1969/70 (SHADOKS 173)
LP 500 numbered / heavy sleeve / 180 gram pressing / A2 poster / 4 page insert / printed inner sleeve,
After "Musiikkia Elokuvasta Julisteiden Liimaajat" and "Buttocks" here we have our 3rd release by the great Finnish band CHARLIES. This album was recorded in 1969 and 1970 in Charlies rehearsal room, an "drunk tank" at the local jail, since Kari Lehtinen's father (later on known simply by the nickname ”Pitkä”) was the local police officer, so the band could use this room for playing and recording. After Charlies got the 1969 Julisteiden Liimaajat album done, and even though they got a lot of positive feedback from it, they never thought the final product sounded right. Pitkä (bass) and Eero (guitars) spent a lot of time considering how to deliver a much harder sounding album as a follow-up, representing the true Charlies spirit. They got the chance to make a new album, one that would be released by the famous Love Records label. The result again was only as good as the budget resources provided. Although in the end, the album Buttocks gained a good, hard reputation, they were never content with it.

One night Pitkä said: ”Eero, we should have made our album from your tapes, the result would have been much different.” So the recording your hear now are those tapes the band was very happy with. Much heavier in sound, amazing electric guitar, 100% pure heavy underground sound. After 45 years this Charlies album comes out as the band wanted it to sound like with many alternative versions of songs from the Buttocks album and unknown songs as well. 100% pure Charlies!

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MAZHAR ve FUAT - Türküz Türkü Cagırız!, Turkey 1973 (SHADOKS 170)
CD: in jewelcase - 8 page booklet
WOW, here is the album we where trying to put our hands on for nearly 10 years. So finally we have made the deal, so here is the first ever official reissue of this beautiful album from Turkey, incredible rare as an original LP and as good as the best Koray / Manco tunes.

The roots of the group begin with the meeting of two teenage boys, Aziz Fuat Güner and Mazhar Alanson and their common interest with the same album, The Beatles LP Rubber Soul in 1966.
In the end of 1967 they began to work with Barıs Manço and they recorded many of the Manço’s psychedelic period singles.
In 1969 they recorded their first own single. In the autumn of 1973 their only LP was released by Yonca Records.
In the beginning of the 1980's another member joined and ever since they where "Mazhar Fuat Özkan (MFÖ)".
The album Türküz Türkü Cagırız! has a strong electric touch with powerful guitar effects, great vocals, some troubadour ballads and mystical folk rock songs with a psychedelic touch.

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THE FLOW - Greatest Hits, USA 1972 (Shadoks 003) "collectors edition"
180 numbered copies, black-lizard texture cover with artwork, printed inner-sleeve with original artwork, transparent blue vinyl pressing, 2 page insert / photo card hand signed by 3 members, A2 poster, 3 bonus tracks included. 
Pete Fine on guitars/vocals, Monte Farber on bass/vocals, Steve Starer on drums. 
What a great guitar album.

This is a total guitar burner. If you´re into Blue Cheer and extra heavy Fuzz guitar is your thing, you´ll love this album. Great songs, a mindblower. only a few originals ever for sale, most where 1-sided. This is the ultra rare 2 sided version with 3 bonus tracks.

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